Welcome to the FCI-European Dog Show 2016 in Brussels, Belgium

A little bit of Belgian Cynological history: Yes, Belgium was the first country in history to organise a dog show, this was on May 28 1847 in Tervuren. This show was reserved for one breed only: the pointer, and they were judged by three judges. Most of the exhibitors were hunters. At that time the idea arose to create a pedigree database but it took till 1882 when the “Society Saint-Hubert” to be founded and the first pedigrees to be registered. In 1885 the registered prefix “Royal” was added and since that time it’s known under the name “Société Royale Saint-Hubert” or S.R.S.H and “Koninklijke Maatschappij Sint Hubertus” or K.M.S.H. in Dutch. Today his Majesty the King of Belgium is still the Honorary Chairman. In 1911 the Royal Society Saint-Hubert, together with the kennel clubs of France, the Netherlands, Austria and Germany, founded the FCI and united dog lovers all over the world for the very first time in history. Unfortunately the alliance was brought to an end due to the 1st world war. On April 19th 1921, under the impulse of Belgium and France, the alliance was re-established. Since 1954 the office of the FCI is situated in Belgium in Thuin, a historical city close to the border of France and since that time the heart of the dog world beats in this little Belgian town. 100 years after the foundation of the Société Saint-Hubert , Belgium had the honour to organize the European Dog Show of 1982. In 1995 The Royal Society organized its 100th exhibition. In order to celebrate this very special event, the FCI agreed to grant Belgium the honour to organize the World Dog Show of that year. The Show took place in the Brussels exhibition center (named Heysel at that time) build on the occasion of the World Expo in 1958. 2011 was the centenary of the FCI. As a founding member Belgium hosted the prestigious Champion of Champions Show with success.

Organization:Société Royale Saint-Hubert Today! And now again the Royal Society Saint-Hubert is hosting the European Dog Show of 2016 and hopes to turn it into another successful FCI event. The Royal Society Saint-Hubert counts on you and would like to welcome you once more in Brussels, the capital of Europe in August 2016.
Chairman SRSH & show:Mr. Hubert Iser 
Secretary General SRSH & Show:Mrs. Nelly-Mast Gelders
Dates of the Show:August 26th – 27th – 28th, 2016
Place of the Show:Brussels
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Frequent Asked Questions about the EDS 2016


1. Can I enter a dog with cropped ears or tail?

No, unless you have a veterinary certificate that it has been done for medical reason.


2. My dog is coming from a country where the crop is not forbidden, can I enter this dog?

No, it’s forbidden by the Belgian Law as the dog show is organized in Belgium.

So you cannot enter this dog unless you have a veterinary certificate (in English please) that it has been done for medical reason.


3. What is the address of the venue?

Place de Belgique 1, 1020 Bruxelles, or follow this link.


4. Are any Breed Specials?

Yes, you can find the list on our website.


5. How much does it cost for entering my dog?

Please visit our website, or subscribe your dog directly online on following link.


6. Where can I find an hotel who does accept dogs?

Please visit our website, or follow this direct link to bookingdesk.com.

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